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Fellowship Of The Spirit – West

“Fellowship of the Spirit West” is a gathering of Alcoholics, Addicts, and Al-Anons who come together to celebrate recovery from alcoholism and addiction. To show others precisely how we have recovered is the main purpose of the conference. We have found the answer to questions that suffering men and women ask themselves: “what’s wrong with me?” and “What do I have to do?”

We are members of Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Al-anon that follow the 12 Step process outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We want to make this particular conference available to all who are interested in the plan of recovery described in our book. We’ve met annually since 2001 to provide an opportunity for men and women from all over the world to come together and share their experience, strength and hope.

When is the conference?

This conference will be held August 30 – September 1. This is also Labor Day Weekend.

Where is the conference?

The conference will be held in Sierra Madre, CA at the Mater Dolorosa Monastery. For more information visit https://materdolorosa.org

When can I register?

You should Pre-Register for this year’s conference now; by heading to the Registration page and following the links.

Though the Registration table at the conference will open at 2pm on Friday, August 30th. This is where, after having Pre-Registered, you will pick up your conference packet (which will include a badge, a program, and some other fun things).

What’s included in the registration?

The conference includes all meetings and workshops, your room with it’s own bathroom, all meals, coffee and tea, and as previously noted your nifty badge.

How much does the conference cost?

The conference costs $275.

Will there be any other activities other than meetings or panels?

Yes, there will be a few extra-curricular activities, fellowship, and guided meditations. The rest you’ll have to see when you get there.

When does the conference end?

The conference will conclude with a morning/closing meeting that will end at Noon on Sunday.

Can I register for just one day?

No, this is full all-inclusive weekend, there are no day passes.

If I were to only bring one thing, what would it be?

A towel…  Actually a Big Book, maybe a notebook and writing utensils, as this is a workshop weekend.

Also if you have any dietary restrictions or requirements, though we are providing food and will have a very generous spread, we will not want there to be any issues.

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